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Service & Value Added Engineering Division

PROGTECH is bringing together some of the premier brands in top automation such as Bernard Control for MOVs and Electric fail safe applications, Elfor Control for pneumatic and hydraulic ESDs and control, EL-O-Matic pneumatic actuator for process applications, GARDYON PFP, Alcatraz control for safety locks and Control Air for I/P P/I, regulators, volume boosters and valve positioner all to go along with a valve from a reputable manufacturer.

PROGTECH a value-added Service company has vast experience in Valve automation in UAE / GCC and our staff fully trained in Servicing and engineering related to retrofit application (sizing, assembling, supplying and commissioning) ESD, MOV valves and control panels. Sizing of the actuator based on the valve manufacturer Torque value, stem dimension with flange details & dimensions with consideration of the safety factor in our sizing program 20% or upon request from the client.

PROGTECH Being locating in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E the Hub of major industry in Middle East, we are offering the best flow control solutions to a variety of industries such as Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Water & Waste Water and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning).

PROGTECH have engineering and integration professionals in our facilities with extensive knowledge in automation and control as well as applications in all upstream and downstream process industries.

Centre of Excellency and service provider for

Certificates of Excellency

Certificate of Bernard Controls : ( Download PDF File.)
Certificate of Excellency Paladon : ( Download PDF File.)
Certificate of Excellency DVG Automation SPA : ( Download PDF File.)

Troubleshooting and solve problems are available 24/7

  • Valve Actuation Retrofit
  • Sizing Assembling and testing ESD, MOV Package
  • Valve Interlock Services
  • PFP Services

PROGTECH provide full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and (SAT) if any and Our service engineers are knowledgeable about all aspects of valve automation and control. Additionally, they have been specifically trained and certified. This helps us to identify your retrofit requirements and assist you to provide the best solution for your automated valve applications. We are keen to understand the unique need of our clients to create speci_c Automated Valve Packages that are _t for the purpose. PROGTECH gives a value added to our customer for Valve actuation assembling and commissioning, the Assembling of the valve and the actuator will be arrange in UAE with our approved workshop.

Shipping & Packing

PROGTECH After assembling and testing in our approved workshop re-packing will be based on our standard and based on type of re-shipping and distance.


Valve Safety Interlocking Value Added Services

The vast Knowledge and experience of our site services team cannot be over stated.

PROGTECH team have visited many oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities in Middle East, staff have 10+ years of experience of site working all around Middle east. We have surveyed valves fitted and commissioned interlock systems and undertaken design and consultancy work most major engineering Contractors and End users since PROGTECH inception.

To ensure that your interlocks fit and function without any problem, it strongly recommended that the site services team are employed to obtain the detailed valve ‘’top work’’ dimensions. The physical taking of these crucial details will ensure that you have a job that is ‘’right first time’’.

As any mechanical equipment ages, it becomes inevitable that routine maintenance and adjustment will be required. Interlocks are not ‘’maintenance intensive’’ but an annual inspection for overall condition is always a good idea and any minor adjustments can be made at the same time.

PROGTECH offering annual inspection contracts for offshore platforms and onshore to use this service to keep your equipment’s in the best possible condition in a harsh environment.

Your safety interlock systems have been designed and manufactured to bespoke specifications, so why would you use a third party to install and commission them? Experienced team site Technicians will ensure your equipment installed, commissioned and handed over to the final client fully operational.

Passive Fire Protection Value Added Services

With our associate partners a wide range of Passive Fire Protection solutions for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery industry allow us to services and install in the projects site. We provide protection for critical safety systems to allow a controlled plant shutdown in the event of a fire or explosion. PROGTECH with our associate partner provides access to highly responsive engineering & site teams with extensive industry experience in the design, supply and installation of Passive Fire Protection System to protect your investment and personnel. We are committed to exceeding expectations with an unwavering philosophy that quality, productivity and safety are inseparable components to Onshore and Offshore installations in Middle East.

PFP Enclosure Type
Ceramic fiber wool between inside & outside of fire safe enclosure panel. Fire safe enclosure is modular in construction. All side are open able. Fire safe enclosure can be easily installs or dismantle for maintenance at site. Toggle clamps are provided on all sides for quick disassembly.

PFP Jacket Type
The flexi Fire proof system consist of multi layers of ceramic Fiber blanket separate by alumina foil & ceramic wool. The thickness of the flexi fire proof jacket depends upon the temperature of fire protection criteria. Easy for installation and does not required any special tooling.

PFP Coating Type
PROGTECH associate partner coating consist of 15± 3 mm thick epoxy Intumescent coat. The coating can be installed or existing or new same actuator at site without any modification of the actuator. The coating is supplied in pre-engineered section which are them assembled on valve actuator. Component sections attached using SS304 Stainless steel bolt.



  • Cleaning either from inorganics, or hydrocarbon(HC) deposits of Pipelines, Heat Exchangers, Stripping Columns, etc. – Removal either of carbonates, sulfates, Fe oxides or hydrocarbons makes your process equipment efficient in operation - years of experienced cleaning in numerously applications with self-developed chemicals are safe to operators and equipment(no corrosion damage to metals, no damage to seals);
  • Chemical Decontamination of the HC processed equipment before shutdown The advantage of our associate partner MagiCrot chemical treatment compared to the standard steaming is fast and secure way to access the columns and apparatus chemical treatment in just 12 hours. Reduce the steaming time and the stops for repairs, Deactivation of pyrophoric compounds, the removal of benzene, hydrogen sulphide, volatile hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon residue (partially). During the steaming of unit reagent is introduced into the steam line. As the graph shows, after 10-12 hours, all hazardous substances will be removed. Reduced cost of steam and water, Fast and safe preparation of equipment for the opening and ensuring the safety of stuff.
  • Fired Heaters Hydromechanical Decoking (internal cleaning) – Unbeaten approach in complete removal of petroleum coke deposits and inorganics from the whole coil-tubes system of Fired Heaters internally. Own Decoking Double Pumper Units, own-made Soft Core scrappers and big experience in decoking of CDU, VDU, Visbreakers, DCU, Cat Cracking, Reformer, Hydrotreater Furnaces. High Quality Cleaning and Fast Operation made good partnership with major worldwide Intelligent Pigging/NDT inspection service providers." 
  • Fired Heaters/Boilers tubes _reside surface cleaning online (external cleaning) -s Chemical soot-blowing
    Cleaning technology of the exterior surfaces of tubes of fired heaters (and/or WHBs) is a high-technology service, based on the use of chemical reagents, made in online mode - without interrupting the process of fired heaters (and/or WHBs) operation and is the most cost effective and appropriate method of service of fired heaters (and/or WHBs) with a high efficiency of the subsequent operation. This technology has been successfully applied in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, and also at thermal power plants and waste incineration plants. Regular and planned injection of reagent restores optimum operating parameters of the fired heaters (and/or WHBs) operation. The average time of reagent injection work at a unit is 3-5 days. Available via Continuous Chemical Injection System installed at Furnaces, Boilers Great advantages and savings in combustion fuel consumption reduced, charge/load increased, corrosion reduced, NOx/SOx reduced, efficient run time increased with Post-Combustion ChemicalsTechnology.
  • Hydro-Jetting Cleaning (1000 bar) of in-plant pipelines including common headers, overhead lines, heatexchangers, reactors, etc.
    MAGICROT’s automatic non-man approach in Waterjet High Pressure Cleaning makes possible to remove any kind of deposits(coke, bauxites, cements, oxides, salts, polymers, etc) from pipes, heatexchanger tubes, big-volume apparatus range in ID 12-3600 mm, length up to 250 m from one access point, horizontal or vertical placed without dismantling and bringing to the ground.
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) cleaning online
    ACHE exterior tubes cleaning from dust, air deposits, carbonates, fibres, etc to restore the heat transfer – online/offline.
  • Fired Heaters/Boilers Combustion Audit and Adjustment to improve the operation efficiency
    Your fired heater or boiler thermal and combustion audit to make recommendations how to improve it and the certain combustion process tuning to achieve max efficiency factor. MagiCrot offers a range of self-developed chemicals have been proved in its efficient usage while doing services for sales:
    • Decontamination Chemicals
    • Boiler Tubes Fireside Cleaning Chemicals
    • Descaler (was proved with Persian Gulf seawater deposits)
    • Hydrocarbons Cleaner
    • F.O.A. – liquid fuel oil additives help


PETROMAINT has developed into one of the most senior oil and gas service providers in Egypt, offering a wide range of expert services.

PETROMAINT is an EGPC investment company established pursuant to the provisions of Investment Law No. (8) Of year 1997 and recognized as the most modernized and innovative maintenance, revamp and Construction Company in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Armed with the state of art technology, properly equipped, highly qualified and skilled manpower. PETROMAINT provides a large array of services and solutions to Oil & Gas Upstream and Downstream Facilities, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cement industry, LNG, LPG Power Generation & Industrial plants, to support its clients to achieve business objectives and plans.

PETROMAINT is committed to add value to the clients operations through seamless integration of our services with their plants to achieve production targets while complying with world class health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Maintenance Works shutdown and turnaround.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation.
  • Fiber Optics & Solar Energy.
  • Offshore Works.
  • Technical Support Services




P-MECH GROUP was formed in November 1988 with the aim of providing EPCM services including Basic, FEED, Residual and Detailed Engineering, special study etc related turnkey projects of Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power, Off-shore platforms, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Water, Infrastructure, Textiles plants, Steel plants and so on. Our Core competency is to provide Quality and timely engineering services using high end Engineering automation system and skill. We are a multidisciplinary company having all Engineering disciplines like Process, Mechanical, Piping, Structural, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation under one roof. Our expertise also covers Project Management, Procurement Assistance, Inspection Services, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of plants. Our dedicated effort is to provide innovative & optimum solutions which are critical to the productivity of our clients through quality design and consulting services with the use of trained technical manpower & computer software.


  • Feasibility/conceptual Study Services
  • Detail Engineering
  • Feed/basic/residual Engineering
  • Project Management Services
  • Process Engineering ¦ Procurement Assistance
  • Piping Engineering ¦ Project Turnkey Solutions
  • Mechanical Engineering ¦ Feasibility & Optimization Study
  • Civil/ Structural Engineering ¦ Techno-commercial Study Services
  • Instrumentation Engineering ¦ Inspection Services ¦ Electrical Engineering


Oil & Gas (Onshore/ Offshore/ Subsea) Fertilizer Plants ¦ Refinery & Petrochemicals Ammonia Plant Engineering ¦ Power Plants Gas Plants ¦ Tank Terminals ¦ Flare &incinerator Plants Plant Optimization ¦ Chemical Plants Plant Digitalization Water & Infrastructure